Let’s Talk About Costs When Adopting a Dog

Adopting is a great way to rescue dogs and help animal shelters, as we’ve discussed in our article ‘Wondering if You Should Foster a Dog?’  While the post is centered on fostering, adopting is quite similar in a way. You still get to care for a dog except it’s permanent. Still, before diving into adoption, potential dog owners need to be prepared for the expenses that come with it. There’s
much to consider and pay for, such as their food and care supplies and adoption fees.

Being aware of these is important so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to properly care for your soon-to-be dog. That said, below are a few costs to keep in mind:

Adoption fees
Animal shelters and organizations typically collect adoption fees. Sound Dollar outlines how adoption fees from shelters and organizations are usually at $100 to $500. This is to support the other needs of the organization, like dog food and
supplies. It also varies per group, but adoption fees cover the initial vet visit, vaccines, and flea treatments of your future dog. This is so potential adopters are assured they’re bringing home a healthy pet.

Our adoption fees for a dog below 6 months of age is $400. For dogs 6 months to 7 years, it is $350, and dogs 7 years and above have a fee of $300. However, it’s best to check with the animal shelter or group you plan on adopting from beforehand to be able to prepare the exact adoption fee amount.

Pet supplies
Dogs from shelters rarely have their own toys and supplies. In this case, there needs to be a few things waiting for them at home — these include a leash, food bowls, and appropriate-sized toys.
The Animal Health Foundation states that pet supplies can cost an initial average of $130 for dogs. Of course, this will vary depending on the brand or number of items you purchase. For example, buying a toy for a bigger dog would cost more than one suitable for a smaller dog. Other supplies to keep in mind are collars, hairbrushes, and poop bags for walks.

Veterinary and medical costs
Despite adoption fees covering initial vet visits and treatment for your dog, there’s still a need to bring them to a vet. The Buffalo News reveals that a vet visit in Los Angeles will cost about $62 while in San Jose, it’s around $67. Take note that this can vary due to factors like your dog’s age and pre-existing medical conditions.
The vet may also recommend vaccinations to keep them healthy, such as those against leptospirosis and distemper. The average vaccination cost in LA is $36 and in San Jose, it is $37. These are only initial costs and they may increase
over time depending on your dog’s needs.

Dog food
Finally, another important thing to prepare is dog food. It’s essential that they have food available as soon as the dog is brought home. A bag of dog food can range anywhere from $50 to $60. However, CNBC reports that pet food inflation rose by 3.7% in February, so this may change as the year progresses.
Like the aforementioned costs, the price of dog food also depends on the type needed by your dog. For example, adopting a puppy may require special dog food with added nutrients to support growth. On the other hand, a big dog breed would go through a bag of food faster than a smaller dog, so you will have to spend more.

Adopting a dog will be an expensive experience. Still, keeping yourself informed of these costs will better prepare you for what is to come.

Article written by Ruth Justine

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